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Body Drench Instant Self Tanner Medium Lotion From Lotion Source
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Instant Self-Tanner Mousse

Body Drench Instant Self Tanner Mousse gives you a smooth, clean feeling instant tanning experience. Quick Tan's salon quality sunless give you a natural looking summer tan year-round. The b0ronzing mousse is a lightweight foam for an even application.

Body Drench Instant Self Tanner Mousse 4.2oz
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Body Drench Instant Self Tanner Mousse gives a year round sun-kissed glow while dramatically re-hydrating skin. Contains Bronze tint, DHA and moisturizers for an instant and lasting tan that gives skin a golden glow and a smoother, softer feel. Golden tan gradually develops throughout the day while bronzers give you an instant tan..
  • Bronze tint for an instant natural looking tan.
  • Achieve a natural, golden tan without sun exposure.
  • Tinted formula makes it easy to see where to apply.
  • For a healthy glow all year long.
  • Brand: Body Drench Quick Tan
  • Product Name: Instant Self Tanner Mousse
  • Size: 8oz / 236.6 mL
  • UPC Code: 653619206594
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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