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Snooki Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion
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Ultra Dark Black Bronzer

Snooki's Black Bronze rich dark tanning maximizer was designed to give you instant bronzing results so that you acheive color right away but also with the finest tanning maximizers to give you the long lasting tan that you are looking for. From the bottle that Snooki designed to the quality of the skincare, this lotion will take your tan to a whole new level of bronze.

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Snooki knows tanning, she also demands quality. This fabulous tanning maximizer will take your tan to levels of GTL you've never experienced before.
  • Dark Black Bronzing
  • Henna, Black Walnut and DHA.
  • HyperDark Tanning Technology
  • Skin Conditioning Blend Of Vitamins
  • Combats environmental stress.
  • Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil
  • Leaves Skin Silky Smooth & Sexy. 
  • Paraben Free.
  • Brand: Snooki
  • Product Name: Ultra Dark Black Bronzer
  • Size: 12oz
  • UPC Code: 676280014947
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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