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Australian Gold Forever After Moisturizer


Australian Gold Forever After Moisturizer
Australian Gold Forever After Moisturizer


All Day Moisturizer w/Hemp

Australian Gold Forever After, Triple Action Anti-Aging and Slimming Formula is a triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare. The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization. Ingredients include hemp seed extract and vanilla fragrance.

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We all know that no gorgeous tan can last forever without maintenance, howver you can dramatically increase the staying power of your color by applying Australian Gold Forever After All Day Moisturizer with Hemp between your tanning sessions. The formula gives your skin the essential moisturizers and nutrients that it needs to hold onto color and not peel or flake.

The unique Amplified Moisture Blend contained in the formula continues to hydrate the skin for 24 hours after application, meaning you only have to apply the cream once to enjoy its benefits all day long. The hemp seed oil found in the formula boosts the hydrating power of the moisturizer and also promotes ingredient absorption to make the product even more effective.

  • Lipocare, a miracle complex that tones the skin tissue.
  • Minimizes cellulite. Restores UV-related collagen loss.
  • Features a luscious French vanilla fragrance.
  • Fights signs of aging to keep your golden skin youthful and radiant.
  • Moisturizer with Hemp
  • French vanilla fragrance.
Apply generously and evenly to entire body prior to UV exposure and anytime you would regularly moisturize.

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