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Body Drench believes in the power of beautiful, radiant skin. That is why their line of skin care products is designed to give you smooth, healthy skin with a natural look and feel. Widely known for their amazing moisturizing lotions in many different varieties and innovative tanning lotions, Body Drench offers spa quality products for every application.

In the early days Body Drench was a most sought after in the form of Body Drench Original Moisturizer. Since then they have created a large array of popular products in both skin care, sunless and tanning markets. Such products as the Body Drench Tan Accelerating Lotion and the Body Drench UV Amplifying Lotion are very popular tanning boosters.

Their latest line of Argan moisturizers offer amazing skin care in the form of rich, natural Argan Oil while new moisturizer favorites such as Pomegranate Crush and Juicy Mango compliment new exfoliating gels and body scrubs. Virtually everything needed for a spa treatment at home. Body Drench Quick Tan products are always in demand for their natural look and easy application.

Several new Quick Tan products include gradual sunless, facial lotions and instant color lotions.

Body Drench stands by the motto, “A great tan begins with healthy skin” and therefore they have been recognized worldwide as having a superior skin and body care line that helps tanners accomplish their goals of flawless, healthy looking skin.

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