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Designer Skin Bombshell Bombshell Tanning Lotion From Lotion Source


100xx Bronzer Ultra Extreme Sizzle

Are you a bombshell? We think so. This classic 100xx Tingle Bronzer is enriched with white tea extract, soy and CoQ10. Designer Skin's trademark skincare ingredients and silicone smoothing formula work together to envelop you. with a dark, sexy golden bronze "Bombshell" tan.

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A favorite of many, Bombshell give that dark bronzer, extreme sizzle mix that gives you that bombshell tan worthy of praise and celebrity status.
  • 100xx Rich Dark Bronzing.
  • White Tea Extract, Soy & CoQ10.
  • Ultra Extreme Sizzle Formula.
  • Brand: Designer Skin
  • Product Name: Bombshell
  • Size: 13.5oz / 400 mL
  • UPC:
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

Apply generously and evenly to entire body prior to UV exposure. Avoid contact with eyes. This lotion contains a bronzer. Wash hands after applying lotion.

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