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Hempz Black Label Hydromax Select Bronzer From Lotion Source


Hempz Black Label Hydromax Select Bronzer 3oz
Hydromax Select Facial Tanner

A premium-blended formulation of select, gentle-touch, facial tanners and gradual bronzers. Designed exclusively for advanced tanners, this elite facial tanning formula dramatically darkens skin to a rich, radiant glow, while Hempz 5 Hydration System moisturizes skin with pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract. Contains Vitamin E, key amino acids and hemp proteins.

empz Black Label Facal Tanner Packets
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Proprietary AlgoMax™ technology activates deep-penetrating tanning boosters and achieves a dynamic rate of Melanin synthesis for maximum color density and darkness. Continuous Color Complex blends smooth, streak-free, self-tanning bronzers that allow skin to further darken for up to 12 hours after UV-exposure and lasts up to 8 days for continuous, golden color.

  • Advanced Hempz 5 Hydration System
  • Contains Vitamin E, key amino acids and hemp proteins
  • Pure hemp seed oil and extract to nourish and moisturize skin.
  • Smooth Silicones and Silk Amino Acids
  • Immediately melts onto the skin, leaving it feeling noticeably more rich and soft.

Apply generously and evenly to face prior to UV exposure. Avoid contact with eyes. This lotion contains a bronzer. Wash hands after applying lotion.

  • Brand: Hempz
  • Product Name: Black Label Facial Bronzer
  • Size: 3oz
  • UPC Code: 676280003064
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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