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Tan Asz U Midnight Black Tanning Lotion
Midnight Black


100x Bronzer Max Silicone Lotion

It’s darkest after midnight and stars shine the brightest. You are no exception. Become the most alluring heavenly body in the room with this blissfully dark bronzer. This formula is exclusively designed for a long-lasting deep color, because you’re not one to turn in early for the night, and neither is your bronze glow.

Tan Asz U Midnight Black 100x Bronzer 13.5oz
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Wonderfully soft silicones and color enriching nutrients ensure that if others weren’t captivated before, now it’s like a moth to a flame. 100X bronzers enchant your body with the deepest, darkest, bronze glow possible. EverdarkTM Anti-Fade Technology uses a BiotanTM & Erythrulose complex to ensure longer lasting color. Max silicones and tan enriching vitamins further enhance the feel and look of your skin.
  • 100x Maximum Bronzer.
  • Everdark Anti-Fade Technology.
  • Maximim Silicone Emulsion For Smooth Skin.
  • Lotus Berry & White Tea Fragrance.
  • Brand: Tan Asz U At The Club
  • Product Name: Midnight Black
  • Size: 13.5oz / 400 mL
  • UPC Code: 076351463801
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

Ultra Dark Lotion 5 StarsBrittany This lotion is really great. The bronzer is just the right amount.. It has a long lasting great smell and also leaves my skin feeling great.

Ultra Dark Lotion 5 StarsSarah J  I used it just this one time & it is perfect. Not too thick and smells nothing like other tanning lotion (think jolly rancher) and you don't feel any reason to wash it right off after tanning because your skin is like pure silk with no oily build up 

Ultra Dark Lotion 5 StarsKerri Lotion is great and smells great even after tanning. I have had a great experience with the lotion. Highly reccomend.

Ultra Dark Lotion 5 StarsKen I like a lotion that isn't too oily. This one just looked good so I tried it. Very happy so far, no oily feeling just soft tan skin.

Ultra Dark Lotion 5 StarsTamara got my order in 3 days! Love the loiton, just like other Brown Sugar lotions in the past, this one is great too. A+

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