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Tan Asz U Nitro Black Tanning Lotion


Tan Asz U Nitro Black Tanning Lotion


100x Supercharged Black Bronzer

There is a time and a place to be subtle but your tan is not one of them. Use this Supercharged Black Bronzer to come in like a wrecking ball and smash the darkest color you've had to date. Then go beyond it! This perfect blend of black bronzer and energized BodyBoom complex will take your tan to unabashed darkness.

Tan Asz U Nitro Black 100x Bronzer 13.5oz
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Wonderfully soft silicones and color enriching nutrients ensure that if others weren’t captivated before, now it’s like a moth to a flame. 100X bronzers enchant your body with the deepest, darkest, bronze glow possible. EverdarkTM Anti-Fade Technology uses a BiotanTM & Erythrulose complex to ensure longer lasting color. Max silicones and tan enriching vitamins further enhance the feel and look of your skin.
  • 100x Supercharged Bronzer.
  • Bodyboom Complex.
  • Everdark Anti-Fade Technology.
  • Maximim Silicone Emulsion For Smooth Skin.
  • Amazing Fragrance.
  • Brand: Tan Asz U Live Free
  • Product Name: Nitro Black
  • Size: 13.5oz / 400 mL
  • UPC Code: 810888020201
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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