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Tan Asz U Sexified Tanning Lotion


Tan Asz U Sexified Tanning Lotion
Tanning Lotion


200x Hot Tingle Bronzer Lotion

To be #Sexified is to be wildly desireable through appearance and attitude. In this case it's to be dark and exotic with a gorgeous 200x bronze tan. The exclusive dual chamber bottle combines the active ingredients upon application for maximum effect.

Tan Asz U #Sexified Hot Bronzer 7oz
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The hottest new release from Tan Asz U Beach Bunny Line. Tan Asz U Beach Black will give you the tan you've been looking for both immediately through 99 credit bronzing and through tanning with the most amazing skin care and acceleration imaginable.
  • Long Lasting Wave Of 99 Credit Bronzing.
  • Aquatanical Ocean Extract Complex.
  • Maximim Silicone Emulsion For Smooth Skin.
  • Fragrance: Pomegranate Mango & Vanilla Amber Remix.
  • Brand: Tan Asz U Beach Bunny
  • Product Name: Beach Black
  • Size: 13.5oz / 400 mL
  • UPC Code: 076351463306
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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