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Brown Sugar Bare Tanning Lotion


Brown Sugar Bare Tanning Lotion


99 Elite Bronzing Max Silicone

The richest, smoothest, most amazing Brown Sugar yet. Brown Sugar Bare features Max Silicone Capuacu Butter Ambrosia Emulsion. Prepare to Bare your skin to the darkest tan it's ever had.

Brown Sugar Bare 99 Elite Bronzer 13.5oz
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The hottest new release from Tan Inc, Brown Sugar Bare takes care of your skin with rich, smooth silicones and cupacu butter ambrosia emulsion plus maximum acceleration and 99 elite bronzers.
  • 99 Elite Bronzing Complex!
  • Cupacu Butter Ambrosia Emulson.
  • Max Silicone Smooth.
  • Brand: Tan Inc Brown Sugar
  • Product Name: Sugar Bare 99 Elite
  • Size: 13.5oz / 400 mL
  • UPC Code: 076351061403
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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