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Toe Savers UV Protection For Nails From Lotion Source


UV Protection For Nails

Keep your expensive pedicures looking clean. Toe Savers offer 100% UV protection for pedicures. They are long lasting, reusable and ready to wear.

  • Stretch Nail Savers over toenails.
  • Toe Savers can be rolled or cut to desired length.
  • Made from UV resistant plastisol with added UV inhibitors.
  • Soft PVC vinyl (no latex) with UV inhibitors
  • Resusable, one size fits all
  • Quick, easy, and comfortable.

Toe Savers UV Protection 11 Pack
Retail $18.00 Only $10.00

Toe Savers Free Display w/Purchase Of 12
Retail $216.00 Only $108.00
$9.00 ea


Toe Savers UV Protection For Nails From Lotion Source

The strong ultraviolet rays emitted from tanning bed bulbs are extremely damaging to expensive pedicures. UV rays turn French pedicures YELLOW and most UV topcoats are ineffective. It only takes a couple of tanning sessions to notice the discoloration. UV rays also shorten the life of gels and acrylics by drying them out and causing them to lift from the nail bed quicker. Your pedicure treatments are expensive to maintain. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT WITH TOESAVERS – NAILSAVERS™ FOR TOES!

  • Made of soft PVC vinyl (no latex) impregnated with UV inhibitors
  • Reusable
  • Provide ultimate UV protection over several years of use
  • Pliable flat grip design fits most toes comfortably
  • Sizing hints are included in each bag, if needed
  • Resealable plastic bag contains 2 large caps for big toes, 8 smaller caps for remaining toes.
  • Slide caps on toes and you’re ready to TAN!!!

You no longer have to choose between the nail salon and the tanning salon. Now you can do both. However, we urge you to make sure your pedicure treatment is COMPLETELY DRY before using TOESavers so there is no sticking to, or scuffing of, the toenail surface. We recommend at least six hours. We know you will love the ease and comfort of TOESavers and encourage any feedback from you as we continue to improve our products.

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