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Tattoo Goo SPF30 Color Guard Tattoo Balm From Lotion Source


Color Guard SPF 30 UV Sunscreen Balm

The Color Guard Stick has an SPF 30 rating plus special UV/UVA inhibitors to help protect tattoos from fading. Other ingredients help moisturize the tattoo thus enhancing color. The large stick allows precision application, helping protect the tattoo while allowing for regular tanning of other skin areas.

Tattoo Goo Color Guard SPF 30 Tube .45oz
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to protect my tattoo even though it is covered?
A: The rays from the sun are very powerful and penetrate most cloth. So even though you might not be burning underneath your clothes, your tattoo will be slowly fading.

Q: Will Color Guard give me a rash?
A: It shouldn't. Color Guard is hypo allergenic.

Q: Will the sun effect my Tattoo on cloudy days?
A: Yes, in any weather, sun or cloudy, hot or cold. Unless you're indoors, wear multi layers of clothing or in a totally light filtered area, sunrays are always present. Therefore the sun deterioration of color is always present. The ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun easily pierce through clouds and fade color.

Q: What are the advantages of Color Guard over other sun protection products?
A: Color Guard is not a simple sun protectant. It was specially formulated by skin care professionals to meet the very unique demands of tattoo enthusiasts. It will help protect and preserve the artwork and colorations of a tattoo for long periods of time.

Q: Can I use Color Guard on a healing tattoo?
A: NO. Color Guard is not an aftercare product and should be used on tattoos no less than 3 weeks old.


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