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Tequila Sunrise Tanning Lotion


Tequila Sunrise Tanning Lotion


Micro Tingle Tanning Lotion

The tequila is from Mexico... but you don't need to go there to get the dark beautiful tan that makes others think you just got back from vacation. Tequila Sunrise is a fresh concoction with a shot of sizzle or tingle and ultra dark accelerators that will have you darker than ever, drink up!

Ultimate Tequila Sunrise Tingle Lotion 8.5oz
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Micro Tingle Technology provides a shot of intoxicating sizzle and dark tan results. Agave Nectar for skin rejuvenation. Rapid accelerators for dark, natural tanning appearance.
  • Micro Tingle Technology
  • Provides Warming Sensation For Dark Results.
  • Agave Nectar For Skin Rejuvination.
  • Fragrance: Orange Grenadine
  • Brand: Ultimate Happy Hour
  • Product Name: Tequila Sunrise
  • Size: 8.5oz / 250 mL
  • UPC Code: 689466090581
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb

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