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Ultimate Tanning Lotions Review


For many years Ultimate has been producing high end, high quality tanning lotions for the indoor tanning market. Ultimate is known for high quality and high standards and products ranging from beginner to advanced tanning.

New Releases For 2016 From From Ultimate
Ultimate Black Coconut Bronzer From Lotion Source
Ultimate Black Coconut
50x Tanning Bronzers

11oz Retail $90.00

Now Only $45.00
Ultimate Tequla Sunrise Tanning Lotion
Ultimate Hair Of The Dog
75x Tingle Bronzer

8.5oz Retail $35.00

Now Only $17.50
Directory Of Ultimate Tanning Products

Directory Of Ultimate Happy Hour Tanning Lotions

Directory Of Ultimate Fixation Tanning Lotions

Directory Of Ultimate Cotton Candy Lotions

Top 5 Most Popular From Ultimate

  1. Ultimate Bronzing Bourbon 151 Proof Bronzer
  2. Ultimate Driven To Darkness 100x Bronzer
  3. Ultimate Lithium 75x Ion Tanning Bronzer
  4. Ultimate Fixation Voodoo Tanning Accelerator
  5. Ultimate Carbon Dark Tanning Accelerator

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